• Cornish Pasties
    Ground beef, potatoes, carrots and more...
  • Sausage Roll
    Stuffed with beef and surrounded by a flakey pastry
  • Butter Tarts
    Delicious treat made with Raisins
  • Chicken Pie
    4 inch filled with chicken, potatoes, mushroom, red pepper and green pepper

In our Langley, B.C. facility, we produce nearly 300 products from tart shells, pie shells, pie tops and puff pastry, to fully baked heat-and-serve meat pies and appetizers. Our reputation for quality products and efficient service has become Mark-Crest's trademark.


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3.5 oz. Cornish Pasties

Enriched wheat flour, canola oil shortening, modified palm and palm kernel oil shortening, water, dextrose, salt, soya lecithin, colour.and more...


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